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Oh and also, if you were interested in a self-hosted commenting platform, the dev of Commento++ is pretty active and merged a few of my improvements to the OCI image, and we managed to fix the SMTP bug. Commento++ also has proper releases now. has been using Commento++ for some weeks.

I know PHP sucks but Flarum is so much nicer than Discourse imho. And there aren't a ton of good quality forum software.

By the way come talk about GrapheneOS on their brand new forum:

Pixel 6 not being able to properly use a USB DAC without screeching noises is driving me nuts. It seems Google only fixed the exclusive control issue - which I don't care much about since I use YouTube Music.

I consider myself as an iPad power user and this really pisses me off. The one thing I wanted since forever doesn't work with my Air 4 which isn't even 2 years old.

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I'm selling my Air 4 and idk if I'll grab another iPad or wait for M2 iPad Pro

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Ngl, using Arch as my main server OS has been a breeze. It's nowhere near as "crazy" as some may think as long as you don't update everything blindly. It's just so clean to work with and the documentation is amazing.

Thinking about it, I daily drived Arch on desktop back in 2013. Almost ten years ago, wow. I wasn't even in high school.

"Oh you're criticizing this thing I use, you're such an elitist!"

Look, don't enter a technical argument if you want to be comforted in your biases.

I want to buy every headphone on the market to try them now

Honestly, unless you need more power to drive your headphones, don't spend more than 10$ in a DAC. The Apple and Samsung dongles measure really well, have a low level of distortions and noise. No, a 100$ DAC won't "sound better" than those.

And this is why I'm always afraid of major Nextcloud upgrades.


But, at the same time, I won't judge people for liking cool new tech with Bluetooth version whatever and bassy consumer-oriented headphones. There's a place for that. A good audiophile advice is to accept what other people think, but at the same time let them know that they could explore other options that could suit them better in the long run.

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You don't need to spend much to get a decent "audiophile" setup.

Heck, you probably don't need a DAC/amp to drive those. Probably the Apple dongle would suffice except if you're using an Android phone (because for some reason the Apple DAC is very quite on Android).

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I can't tell you how much better my AKG K371 sounds compared to my very pricey WH-1000XM4. Yeah I know, you get the latter for ANC, but still.

The AKG costs 3 times less. For the price of the WH-100XM4, you get:
- A decent closed-back
- A decent open-back (like HD560S)
- A decent IEM (like Moondrop stuff)

They all come in handy depending on your environment, taste and types of music.

Going to repeat myself but Pixel 6 @60Hz + GrapheneOS is a battery life god.

Other songs would be from Ok Computer (Radiohead) and Doolittle (Pixies).

I could instantly tell if something's wrong.

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Grew tired of having to EQ my Sony BT headphones to match the preference curve (which I like, it's too bassy/muddy otherwise). It's a pain to do on Android since not all apps broadcast correctly an audio session (not even YouTube does).

Let's try good old wired headphones again.

I mean I agree high refresh rate feels better but unless you're gaming competitively, it's not a functional improvement. Rather the opposite, as it drains battery life and often worsens the display calibration.

That is at least the case for non-LTPO displays, I'm not yet familiar with LTPO but it seems to be the next best thing. Hoping it will soon come to mid-end phones.

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