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Honestly, what I'm saying is FOSS deserves more love and I don't think F-Droid is necessarily the ideal solution for the Android FOSS app ecosystem. It's fine if you like it, but these are my thoughts.

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This also puts strains on developers because of users continuously asking for a F-Droid version (and I *was* one of them) when basically it's pretty much out of their hands. Or at least it should be until they ask you to comply with some FOSS policy.

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Or maybe we could have a FOSS app store where developers build and manage the signing process on their own instead of trusting a third-party to even manage to build your app, because sometimes their build server looks like it's just broken.

Really hope Accrescent will take off.

There are less features but it's fine by me. That's good enough for a first release.

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The app is much nicer than Tusky! :)
Unlike Tusky you can pick media files without granting the media permission, which is how modern Android works.

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Trying out Mastodon official Android client!

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Pixel 6 has insane battery life in Wi-Fi only mode on GrapheneOS. I'm talking 10 hours screen on for my usage (browsing, bluetooth music, YouTube and a bit of Citra). I use it in 60hz though.

I'm dropping out from med school for good and this isn't a good thing. Depression won...

Seriously stay the hell away from antivirus software (Defender is fine on Windows)

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You know how Spamhaus wrongfully added us to their spam blocklist because some malware retrieved a public profile on here? Like, made a normal HTTP request to a public page that happened to be on our domain? Well, I obviously contacted them and had us taken down from the list, but now Kaspersky seems to have taken that information and added us to their blocklist. I've contacted them as well but this is getting ridiculous.

At least Adaptive on Pixel isn't accurate but somewhat "pleasant" to look at...

But the Switch OLED completely crushes the colors, red is so saturated that it literally makes your eyes BLEED.

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I hate that most OLED panels are shipped with a fancy saturated profile, often set by default because it's "eye candy".

Just because OLED can have great colors/contrast doesn't mean I want everything to pop all the time.

Pokémon X running kinda good on Pixel 6
Some hiccups in transitions but probably due to less accurate emulation, solid 100% speed at x3 resolution otherwise

"firmware are proprietary so let's not bother updating them, I use linux-libre btw"

no pls

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Arch is cool but sane defaults are expected tbh
I wonder how many Arch users do not even update their CPU microcode

Society when Vanadium will have both FIDO2 and autofill support

Reminder of the year: Legion is one of the best TV shows. No cap.

Sorry if I overreacted. That's how it is when you publish things publicly: be prepared for nice and not so nice people to read it. And nice doesn't mean agreement.

I've been having rough moments lately ever since a friend of mine passed away, adding to my underlying "condition" of which I don't want to talk much about in public.

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