Other songs would be from Ok Computer (Radiohead) and Doolittle (Pixies).

I could instantly tell if something's wrong.

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Grew tired of having to EQ my Sony BT headphones to match the preference curve (which I like, it's too bassy/muddy otherwise). It's a pain to do on Android since not all apps broadcast correctly an audio session (not even YouTube does).

Let's try good old wired headphones again.

I mean I agree high refresh rate feels better but unless you're gaming competitively, it's not a functional improvement. Rather the opposite, as it drains battery life and often worsens the display calibration.

That is at least the case for non-LTPO displays, I'm not yet familiar with LTPO but it seems to be the next best thing. Hoping it will soon come to mid-end phones.

Sony XM5 are a bit disappointing. New design, better microphones, and that's pretty much it compared to the XM4. The design seems more reliable at the cost of portability.

The quest for the best DAC dongle under 100€ goes on. Will return the Ugreen Hifi Audio Pro and order an iBasso DC05.

While the Ugreen sounds great (and is basically a clone of the Meizu DAC), there's a lot of audible noise when using 4G networks. And this costs 40€, while my Apple dongle costs 9€ and has no such issue.

@benoit Then you'll like GrapheneOS camera which relies on CameraX extensions that are capable and are less heavy on computational photography. I like using it and Google Camera depending on the environment.

@benoit The difference between the 5th/6th gen sensor is negligible except in low light conditions where there is less noise. I did the 3a > 6 upgrade and tbh the camera upgrade wasn't that impressive considering how good the previous camera was.

@tuxicoman Pas trop fan des apps "Simple". Si je devais utiliser une galerie open-source ce serait sans doute : github.com/deckerst/aves

@aru @nozikka Pour le coup je ne sais pas, il faudra demander sur les chats officiels du projet.

Pixel 6a for 450$ is going to be such a nice phone to recommend.

Pixel 7 kinda looks like the Pixel 6 but uglier... I don't know what to think of that design iteration yet.

@nozikka @aru En fait 12.1 est simplement une mise à jour trimestrielle d'Android 12, ce n'est pas forcément reflété ainsi dans le numéro de version

@aru @nozikka Oui GrapheneOS est en 12.1 et supporte Monet.

Pour la vie privée il faut savoir qu'effectivement une application peut déterminer la palette, mais aussi les couleurs du fond d'écran (même sans Monet). Donc ça ne change pas grand chose au final !

Maïa c'est aussi pour cela que par défaut GrapheneOS n'a pas de fond d'écran.

I missed the God is an Astronaut concert in Paris... Kinda depressed about this. :(

Guess who bought a 40€ USB-C DAC? Seriously, the fact that the Apple one is underpowered on Android will always be a mystery for me.

@aru Désolé du retard. En fait les comptes anonymes d'Aurora ne sont pas vraiment anonymes, juste des comptes partagés parmi une pool d'utilisateurs, ce qui peut poser des problèmes par ailleurs. Quelqu'un pourrait facilement avoir la main-mise sur un compte et récupérer des informations ou faire en sorte que la version d'une application récupérée ne soit pas tout à fait la même.

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