A new killer feature for GrapheneOS: Storage Scopes. Ever wondered why an app asked for invasive files/media access without really needing it?

While modern apps rely on scoped storage + SAF, most legacy apps have an invasive approach, and even modern apps can misuse permissions.

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User profiles were already a powerful to compartmentalize apps further. The same app sandbox rules apply, but you didn't have to fear granting such invasive permissions on a profile w/o your data on it and w/ different encryption keys.

Powerful, but sometimes cumbersome.

Enter Storage Scopes! When you enable the feature for a given app, it will think it has the necessary access to files/media, but it only has access to its own, well, storage scope. Furthermore, you can manually add directories/files access with the system picker, much like SAF.

Here's an example: Tachiyomi is a popular manga reader app with offline features that need the invasive WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. It doesn't need that obviously, and should use scoped storage features + SAF. This isn't a problem with Storage Scopes. :)

@wonderfall Please, please stop using Graphene. The main-dev is kinda not ok. Why, you may ask. I provide the following link and say, that this didn't only happen once:

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