New #blog post: Two types of privacy. I define and compare the terms “Tracking reduction” and “Tracking avoidance”.


When qualifying privacy recommendations with context, I think we should go further than describing threat models: we should acknowledge different types of privacy. “Privacy” means different things to different people. Even a single person may use the word “privacy” differently depending on their situation. Understanding a user’s unique situation(s), including their threat models, can inform us when we select the best of approach. How do we choose between reducing a footprint’s spread and size?

Feedback welcome, now matter how insignificant.



@Seirdy This was a nice read. Two years ago I wrote a similar blog post and I was opposing these two concepts too, albeit with less technical names: "block the crap" versus "blend in with the crowd". I also used the same DNT example since I've found this was a particularly telling example.

I mostly agree with everything, especially in the context of web browsers. Definitely going to recommend that piece.

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