I can't tell you how much better my AKG K371 sounds compared to my very pricey WH-1000XM4. Yeah I know, you get the latter for ANC, but still.

The AKG costs 3 times less. For the price of the WH-100XM4, you get:
- A decent closed-back
- A decent open-back (like HD560S)
- A decent IEM (like Moondrop stuff)

They all come in handy depending on your environment, taste and types of music.


You don't need to spend much to get a decent "audiophile" setup.

Heck, you probably don't need a DAC/amp to drive those. Probably the Apple dongle would suffice except if you're using an Android phone (because for some reason the Apple DAC is very quite on Android).

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But, at the same time, I won't judge people for liking cool new tech with Bluetooth version whatever and bassy consumer-oriented headphones. There's a place for that. A good audiophile advice is to accept what other people think, but at the same time let them know that they could explore other options that could suit them better in the long run.

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